Month: April 2016

Pain in the Gut

Drs. Young and Baumbauer take about pain genetics and the gastrointestinal system. Read the full article in UCONN Today!

Excerpt from Article:

Young160331d019-1024x683Many healthcare practitioners are trained to regard pain as being important only as an indicator of how successful treatment is. If a patient’s cancer is in remission but they still have pain, well, that doesn’t fit into the paradigm. If the patient is fully recovered but has lifelong pain stemming from the surgery that cured them, well, some things can’t be helped. But nurses tend to approach pain differently. If it affects a patient’s quality of life, a nurse will want to alleviate it. Young is a pain geneticist, not a nurse, but her position in CAMP and the School of Nursing lets her work in collaboration with nurses all the time. It’s a good fit.