Trainee Pain Research Grant – 2022 Competition

Application Form

Letter of support Form


The UConn Center for Advancement in Managing Pain (CAMP) will support the research projects of up to three trainees conducting basic or applied research on pain, consistent with the CAMP's goal: to develop effective pain treatments, with an emphasis on non-opioid approaches. Pain management is multifaceted, and research projects related to pain, including but not limited to inflammation, stress, depression, or substance use disorders, will be considered.

Funds must be used to directly support a specific research project and must be expended within twelve months of the award date. Unexpended funds will revert to the CAMP. Please see the Budget guidelines for more information.


Applicant must be a Trainee Member of the CAMP at the postdoctoral or graduate student level. Graduate students must be enrolled at UConn during the requested funding period. Undergraduate students, staff,  faculty, and previous CAMP Trainee Research Grant recipients are ineligible for this funding opportunity. The applicant must identify at least one research mentor who is a Regular Member of the CAMP. Information regarding CAMP membership can be found here:

Application format

The application, linked below, includes contact information for the applicant and research mentor, a title, a brief summary of applicant's participation in CAMP activities.

Documents to be uploaded as PDF files must be written single spaced, using size 11-12 Ariel font and 1 inch margins. The application is made up of the following sections:

  1. Abstract (300 word limit)
  2. Research Strategy (2 pages max). The research strategy should address a novel research question, not a research question that is already being explored as part of an existing externally-funded project, and should include:
    • Background section that provides a clearly stated rationale for the study and enough information for the reviewers to understand the scope and purpose of the project. A stated research question or hypotheses, as appropriate.
    • Approach section with sufficiently detailed methods for reviewers to understand how the experiment will be carried out, and the IRB/IACUC approval status.
    • References do not count toward page limit.
  3. Budget (1 page max) justifying how requested funds would be allocated. Each proposal may request up to $1,500.
    • Funds may be used to cover expenses directly related to data collection and analysis for the proposed project. For example, to purchase drugs or supplies, pay participants, or fee-for-services within UConn.
    • Funds may not be used to pay for stipends, tuition, or fees, computers, maintenance of lab equipment, membership in professional societies, conference registration/travel, or publication costs.
    • Proposals that are an extension of an existing project must include a statement of how requested funds will provide unique training opportunity beyond that provided by the existing project.
    • Project funding period may be up to 12 months.
  4. Biosketch of Applicant, in NIH or NSF format.
  5. Letter of support (submitted separately by research mentor) noting mentor's commitment to helping oversee the project and speaking to applicant's strengths and feasibility of carrying out the project.

Due date:

April 19, 2022 (11:59PM EST)

Project funding period:

May 1, 2022 - April 30, 2023

Review and notification

Full proposals will undergo a rigorous review process by reviewers comprised of CAMP members and affiliates. One or more external reviewers may be consulted as well. Review criteria will include the scientific merit and rigor of the application, feasibility of carrying out the project within the proposed timeline, how the application fits within the strategic priorities of the CAMP. Applicants with a consistent history of participation in CAMP activities will be prioritized. Applicants will be notified via email whether their proposal has been awarded funding.