Trainee Pain Research Grant

The goal of the Trainee Pain Research Grant program is to promote new, collaborative research by our Trainee Members.

2022 Competition

The 2022 competition is open. Applications are due Wed, April 19th at 11:59PM.

Past Award Winners


Batool Almasri - Nursing
Mentor: Debbie McDonald - Nursing
"Development of the Barriers and Facilitators of Cancer Pain Self-Management Instrument: A Mixed Method Study"

Brittany Knight, PhD - Connecticut Convergence Institute
Mentor: Lakshmi Nair - Biomedical Engineering
"Dual administration of Kv7 channel agonists and local anesthetics protects against neurotoxicity"

Jerin Lee - Clinical Psychology
Mentor: Natalie Shook - Nursing
"Examining the Relations Between Sexual Assault Victimization, Chronic Pain, and PTSD Symptom Clusters"

Jia Liu, PhD - Biomedical Engineering
Mentor: Bin Feng - Biomedical Engineering
"Development of a localized oxygenation strategy to manage pain in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome"

Olivia Vanegas - Behavioral Neuroscience
Mentor: Steve Kinsey - Nursing
Co-Mentor: Greg Sartor - Pharmacology and Toxicology
"Assessing the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and epigenetic effects of β-caryophyllene"2021 Competition