Robert E. Sorge, PhD

Robert Sorge, PhD


Dr. Sorge is primarily interested in the ways in which the immune system modulates pain and ways that we can utilize the immune system to reduce pain. His work has uncovered a sex difference in the immune cell involvement in maintenance of chronic pain in rodents. Currently, his lab is focused on the ways in which diets alter immune system activity and the subsequent effects on pain and recovery from injury. His lab has developed both a model Standard American Diet and an Anti-Inflammatory diet to be used as an intervention for chronic pain. Additionally, Dr. Sorge has translated his preclinical work to clinical patients wherein prescribed diets can reduce pain. Dr. Sorge is a Rita Allen Foundation Scholar and has received funding for his work through the American Pain Society, International Association for the Study of Pain and the Rita Allen Foundation. Dr. Sorge earned his bachelor’s degree at McMaster University, his Master’s at Wilfrid Laurier University and his PhD at Concordia University. After two postdoctoral fellowships at McGill University, he joined the Department of Psychology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2012 as an Assistant Professor.